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In the first exhibition of 2020, Åplus shows under the title „Bon Tempi“ works of the Berlin painter Axel Geis. The works are on view from 25th January to 22nd February 2020.

The human figure, calm, standing and introverted, is the central motif of Axel Geis‘ practice.

Detached from their surrounding narrative background, the figures, only hinted at in sketches, stand in front of an unevenly monochrome, dark and colourful surface.

They are people in everyday and yet enigmatically enraptured constellations and actions that reflect the living in a strange apathy.

The chosen image details, poses and gestures convey an oppressive unreality in which people seem to be lifelessly expressive, fragmentary, isolated, engaged in intimate negotiations with

themselves about their existence, their presence or their own situation. They are individuals who argue in intrapersonal negotiations, possibly existential questions of human existence, up to

abandonment and death.

As if in a state of twilight, the portrayed people seem to be veiled in an intangible way and seem phantom-like distant. They are less a reproduction in photographic quality, as the figure is often only hinted at in a few layers and brushstrokes. The human body is almost disappearing,

transformed, reduced, fragmented, giving the picture openness, dynamism and abstract qualities.

Geis usually uses photographs or models from catalogues, film or newspapers to create and

formulate his pictures. Pictures of images that always have something strange, unexpected or even remote and contemplative about them, pose a riddle to the viewer. The confrontation with

photography is rather a catalyst between the real model and painterly action, between knowledge without seeing and naïve seeing without knowing, a „painterly“ middle course directed towards the object and itself.

Bernd Reiss

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