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                                Gothenburg, May 23, 2017


Dear Michaela,


Last night, when I was doing notes about your work, I came to think about "Hand Movie" by choreographer Yvonne Rainer. I love that film! She did it 1967 at a hospital, when she was recovering from surgery. She couldn't dance, but still she continued to dance – with her right hand.


The sequence of movements she performs with her hand seems so simple, but when I try to do the same I immediately fail. Her fingers are dancing. Mine are just moving around indecisively in the air.


Imitating another person's gesture is like imitating the signature of someone else. In a way, it is peculiar, since signatures are written words, and written words are meant to be repeated. But names are peculiar words – especially signatures. They are tokens, rather than types, events rather than objects, indices rather than symbols. They don't belong to the white non-spaces where they most often appear.


Signatures belong to the world of living bodies and gestures. Just like your paintings.


All the best,





Letter from Jens Soneryd to Michaela Zimmer. Spreadsheet. 26 May–29 May, 2017. Åplus, Berlin.

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