Ivan Seal

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like a child at a counter in a sweet shop methodically placing the order as the shopkeeper fills a paper bag full of tooth decaying delights Ivan Seal title for his show at Å+ asks us to define, select and devour. Similar to the jars full of sweets on the shelves in the candy shop the first job is to identify what is in them from a distance. Each of Ivans paintings hold clues to recognisable structures be they shadows, texture, weight, scale or even realistically painted objects from our common knowledge. However they soon dissolve into uncertainty when one realises these clues are riddled with impossibilities and error which point to a different rule system.

This system could also be elsewhere, viewed through the paintings which act like portals or trapdoors to another reality, a painted other room or parallel landscape. So where do we stand in this landscape? maybe the answer is back in the title of the exhibition. There is a selection at play, a selection with numerous different narratives and interpretations. By creating a group which is divided and punctuated by gaps one becomes the selector of pairings and singling out of paintings creating an open system to meaning in the exhibitions terrain.

Yet this is all presented with a dead-pan delivery and a touch of sarcasm of whether we have chosen the right combination of sweets. Or will we be holding one odd candy up whilst suspiciously asking “ what is that?”


Ivan Seal

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