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Lulu MacDonald's work examines art histories and peturbs transformations from the two-dimensional image to the three-dimensional sculpture. The artist uses different types of wall finishings including wallpapering and plastering to create ornamental sculptures which probe where flatness ends and the sculptural begins. Lulu excavates image artefacts from artists' homes – their clothes, pieces of furniture and personal belongings - re-imagining what it would be like to intrude on and inhabit this landscape and re-evaluating how far these artist's objects become art objects and back again. Be it a sculpture belonging to Oskar Schlemmer, or a painted coat from Giuseppe Arcimboldo. The works ask how artists can be influenced via the political, the social and through memory in ways that contravene, dissect and interrupt our image-saturated world. Amidst a climate
catastrophe, the works challenge notions of nature and the (un)safety it offers – acknowledging our own reliance on nurture, kindness and the gestural.

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