Andi Fischer


For Andi Fischer



1. We are shivering and trembling beings.


2. Read the Swedish philosopher and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) to learn more about the importance of trembling and small motions.


3. Style is a specific way of trembling. Your paintings and drawings tremble in a very dynamic and forthright manner even when they deal with serious topics and make art historical references that might be difficult to discern. I think it's how they tremble that make them accessible also to people who are not particularly interested in contemporary art.


4. Accessible is not the same as simple or trivial.


5. Albrecht Dürer was also an impressive trembler.


6. Luck is luck. Don't downgrade your luck by calling it a skill, hard work or something else it isn't.


7. A nose is a nose. But it may also be a cross or something else. You never know.


8. Art works always know more than their makers.


9. Hands know more than the persons they belong to. Treat your hands like dogs: allow them to move around unleashed at least a couple of hours every day.


10. The main problem with social media is that they don't tremble. (I have a feeling that you might disagree with me on this one.)     


11. To make art is not to work. Work is easy to define. (You perform certain tasks that someone pays you to do and then you become alienated.) Art is not.


12. If you're lucky, you might make a living from art. But that doesn't mean that it's work. It's just luck.


13. It feels good to be lucky. It also feels good to do things that are easy to define.


14. Nothing is normal.


15. Don't pretend to be abnormal in a way that you are not just because it happens to be fashionable. Develop your own abnormality instead, your own specific way to shiver and tremble.


16. Meaning is not use. It's not function. Meaning is trembling.


17. Keep trembling.



© Jens Soneryd, Åplus, April 2019

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