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This is a weeping show.


It weeps for the vanished habitats and refuges. The forests, swamps, lakes, planes, glaciers, languages and living oceans.


Weep, we must weep, because weeping is soon the only meaningful language left. It enables us to recognize and acknowledge what truly is urgent in our time.


This is a show that asks you to weep.


To weep for the lost species. For the owls, butterflies, bees, spiders, tigers, turtles, pangolins, and all the other beings about to disappear.


Weeping is a tender refusal to act as if everything is ok when it’s not. It should therefore be on top of the hierarchy of emotional expressions and not at the bottom.


This show invites you to weep for the loss of seasons, intimacy, cities, soil, silence, air, art, darkness.


Weeping is often understood as a symptom of weakness or lack of self-control. This is a total misunderstanding of the subversive nature of weeping.


Let’s weep together for the loss of the capacity to see in the same way that we still can weep: without disconnecting ourselves from what we weep for.


Weep, we must weep, because weeping reconnects us with the world. It re-enables us to desire, to care, to love.




Jens Soneryd, September 11, 2020, Bernshammar, Sweden

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