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This time three years ago we were digging through the industrial bins behind the Boeing and Airbus factories in Saint Nazaire, on the east coast of France, in an attempt to find scrap material, prototypes, sections of wing, propellers, to attach to the roof of the car and take back to the studio to work with.


I have been recently focusing on sculptural tests, using materials close to hand, as well as waste and surplus. I often mimic both the current and defunct processes that overspill different scales of industrial activity, from areas such as construction, fashion, communication, energy and recycling, as well as gleaning the mechanisms and mutations which fall behind their histories.


Taking these new and old, tools and techniques, and through a sequence of decomposition, ad-hoc building methods and material recycling, I break them down to a scale which can be applied to more daily topics. 


These sculptural tests grow from a focused use of a space: in studios, workshops, event or exhibition spaces. They follow a sequence of events, involving collaboration and group working in various forms, bringing conversation and translation into their early formation.


I have an optimism towards different materials assisting one another for strength and structure, systems becoming precarious but maintaining

motion together. I find joy in the maintenance required to balance these arrangements.

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