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                                Gothenburg, July 14, 2017


Dear Anja,


Yesterday we talked about memory and forgetting.


A memory is a trace of something absent; a greeting from something that no longer is; an imprint. Identity is an archive of memories. But memories are not very reliable. They can be distorted and transformed – and they can be lost; many of them fall into oblivion.


What is oblivion? What is forgetting? It is a loss. The medical term for memory loss is amnesia. Some kinds of amnesia efface the past by erasing the memory. Others extinguish the future by locking the memory, to prevent anything new to get in. Amnesia is a bad thing. In Memory, History, Forgetting, Paul Ricœr writes that "forgetting is experienced as an attack on the reliability of memory. An attack, a weakness, a lacuna."


To bleach is to delete. In that sense, your practice as an artist is perfectly analogous to forgetting. But I don't think that is the case. In fact, I think what you do is the opposite of forgetting. What you do is to delete forgetting (represented by the monochrome and non-organic material that you use).     


As far as I know, there is no word for loss of oblivion. But there should be one.







Letter from Jens Soneryd to Anja Schwörer. 15 July–17 July, 2017. Åplus, Berlin.

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